Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most cost effective way to get targeted visitors to your website.  Period.

Search engine optimization puts you in front of customers when they are researching your area. Studies also show that being on top of the search engines is seen as an indication of your company’s quality. We can help you get better website rankings on Google and other search engines.


Mobile Search Marketing
Mobile search is rising fast. Over 1 billion people use mobile phones or tablets as their primary access to the Internet. Mobile Internet usage is slated to surpass computer access by 2015.

If you don’t have a mobile search marketing strategy, there is every reason to start developing a mobile search strategy now. Do you have a mobile-friendly, responsive design site? No? Better get one now. Google is ranking mobile friendly sites higher. And not only are mobile searches growing - they mean business. According to Google, nine out of ten mobile searchers take action after a phone search. According to Mobile Marketer, seven out of ten follow through within an hour of conducting the search.


SEO Audit
Is your site on top of the search engines? If not, our SEO audit can show you why. We assess you site’s SEO strengths and weaknesses, including technical, content, linking, and other factors. We also assess your online competitive space - your competitors, and the potential traffic you could be winning.


SEO CopyWriting
SEO copywriting is the art of creating website copy that appeals to both readers and the search engines - and a vital component of any successful organic search marketing program.


Content Promotion
Content is at the heart of everything we do: good content is the honey that attracts the bees. Creating and distributing strong content is part of a strong promotion strategy. It can improve search rank, generate leads, gather email addresses, or just drive traffic.

We Do Right By Our Clients

“Peter Sickles and AlphaSearch came highly recommended by my website programmer as having a good reputation and for producing positive business results. They consistently worked above and beyond the call of duty when answering my questions and concerns about improving both the visibility of, and sales from, my website. As a result of AlphaSearch, my website demonstrates consistently high rankings on Google and sales have continued to be strong. Without reservation, I highly recommend Peter Sickles and to everyone who wants proven experts to increase website visibility and sales through natural SEO.”

Peter Fiasca, Owner, Classical Pilates Inc. Philadelphia, PA

“The service at Alphasearch was impeccable from the first contact. One year after optimizing my site, their follow up service is still outstanding. Their experience is clearly demonstrated by the success with which they continuously obtain valuable rankings for my business, and their hands on approach in regards to the functionality of my site has increased considerably without compromising the design I had spent valuable time and money developing. Overall, this team simply rocks.”

Lili Wexu, Voiceover Artist, Los Angeles

“We called Alphasearch when we noticed our ranking had dropped on the web, and we were no longer even on the first page. After an optimization of our website, a rank report shows we are dominating on Google and the calls into our business for information have risen significantly. Peter was able to get the job done, without a lot of investment of our company time, which is all the better!”

Michelle Beaushene Nestor Falls Fly-in Outposts, Ontario

“We have been working with Alphasearch for years. They put us on top of Google and keep us there. Peter is always available to answer my questions or give me advice on all things related to the web. We do a very large proportion of our business through our website, and Google sends us a ton of traffic. It is an excellent and profitable ongoing relationship!”

Holly Winchester, Owner Goody Baskets and Dean’s Flowers Halifax, Nova Scotia