The Web is Very Crowded. With 14 Years of Experience, Our SEO and Digital Marketing Services Will Help You Succeed Online.

Search Engine Optimization is Complex
Search marketing works. In industry surveys, professional online marketers typically rate it as the most effective form of digital marketing, and with the highest ROI. Search marketing is more complex than it was previously - and also more powerful. Alphasearch Halifax is up to the task.

SEO Services
Search engine optimization puts you in front of customers when they are researching your area. Studies also show that being on top of the search engines is seen as an indication of your company’s quality.

Google PPC Marketing
Pay-per-click search marketing is a great way to quickly put your site in front of your target market of searchers. Google Adwords is the biggest and best-known PPC marketing program, but they all work they same.

SEO Audit
Is your site on top of the search engines? If not, our SEO audit can show you why. We assess you site’s SEO strengths and weaknesses, including technical, content, linking, and other factors. We also assess your online competitive space - your competitors, and the potential traffic you could be winning.

Content Promotion
Content is at the heart of everything we do: good content is the honey that attracts the bees. Creating and distributing strong content is part of a strong promotion strategy. It can improve search rank, generate leads, gather email addresses, or just drive traffic.

Link Building
Links into your website indicate how important your site is. As a result, quality links boost your website search profile. See our link building programs for information on how we can build your website’s link profile and search power.

SEO CopyWriting
SEO copywriting is the art of creating website copy that is appeals to both readers and the search engines - and a vital component of any successful organic search marketing program.